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Lavinia caters on location

Lavinia caters trhoughout the country, serving fresh, bright and real foods. No B***SH*T on a place, but what you see is what you get: honest foods made from scratch! And... made with LOVE! 

Lavinia is inspired by international chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi, Donna Hay, Jamie Oliver, Haya Molcho, Alice Walters, Jean Georges Vongerichten. Also, LAVINIA loves to go out for dinner. Her favo restaurant are , Rijssel, Gebroeders Hartering, Cafe Modern, ABC Kitchen/NY, Butcher's Daughter/NY, Babylonstoren/Zuid-Afrika. And she adores insta foodies. Anyways, you might not know LAVINIA in person, but at least you know what she loves....a match made in heaven? Give us a call and let't talk party!!


You  can always send me a mail: 

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